About us

The STORANO restaurant are on the first floor of the ELKOR PLAZA shopping centre, where you will find fashion, technologies, children’s wares, sporting products, household goods and groceries all under one roof.  Now you also have a chance to visit one of the most popular restaurants in Rīga.  The presence of a shopping centre will not disturb your meal.  Indeed, it will be a good thing if you want to go shopping, because our car park will always be at your disposal at no cost to you.  The hospitable and tasteful rooms of STORANO will create a sense of peace, offering you refuge from your everyday hurries and the crowds of shoppers.  You will enjoy our lovely atmosphere.  Dishes are cooked on order, thus ensuring a high level of quality and beautiful presentations.  STORANO offers pizza and pasta from sunny Italy, popular seasonal products from European cuisine, and also vegetarian dishes.  

STORANO distinguishes itself among pizzas in Rīga by its diversity of pizzas, starting with classical versions and ending with special offers from our chef.  

Our professional team of chefs will offer you the most elegant dishes for your celebrations at home.  The STORANO espresso bar offers five tastes of coffee that will allow you to feel the atmosphere and charm of a true Italian restaurant.  This is the place where you will feel fine and enjoy a sense of harmony.  We will welcome you to the STORANO restaurant at Brīvības Street 201 daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

 We will be pleased to take a reservation or an order for carryout dishes on +371-20040769.

*Present us with your ELKOR client card, and you’ll get a 10% discount on your meal!